How to Boost Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords

February 11, 2021

How to Boost Traffic to Your Website Using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords

A good number of advertisers face a typical scenario of beginning a brand new campaign and failing to get the desired amount of traffic and clicks. With low traffic, it simply means you aren’t driving qualified traffic to the campaign, even after employing a comprehensive combination of negative keywords. In the end, you’ll not have the expected clicks to turn into a sale or lead for your campaign.

Campaigns without traffic are practically dead. However, there is some good news. Here are some basic ideas to help you boost traffic to your website using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords:

Interest-Based Targeting

In its versatility, Facebook ad targeting is surely unrivaled. You can use the following facets to target your ads:

  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • Interest
  • Gender
  • Age
  • User location

For instance, Adidas launched a campaign (soccer related campaign) during 2010 World Cup. The company utilized Facebook ads to target a particular group based on their interests in the sport.

Create a persuasive lead magnet

Basically, a lead magnet is an ethical bribe. It is simply what you provide to your leads in order to persuade them to offer you their contact information such as email address. You can select from an array of options. Some of the lead magnets you can use include:

  • Templates and checklists
  • Free tools
  • Email courses
  • Video training
  • Articles and EBooks

Utilize broader keyword match types

Normally, people want to get many clicks because of their campaign’s daily budget. The prudent thing to do is to attract relevant traffic in order to avoid wasting your money on extremely low quality leads or totally irrelevant traffic.

Always try to use broader match types. Broad Match Modifier (BBM) keywords can work magic.

You can surely boost the traffic coming to your site through the strategies mentioned above. Many other strategies are available.

Written by Tammy Grant

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