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Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

It’s not easy deciding who you want to design your website. Where do you go to see a list of website designers, besides the general chaos of an online search? I became interested in the Divi theme and bought it and installed it on our website domain, erasing our old site. I like to tinker with website design when I have time, and put together something, but I knew it didn’t look professional and lacked some of the features I wanted. I learned about a Divi group on FaceBook and joined the group and posted the question of where could I find a list of website designers, and was lead to a list of about twenty people. I like to browse the websites of the designers themselves and closely look through their portfolios, and after a day I selected three designers and asked if they could give me a bid on redoing my website.

Sunflower Creatives, aka Tammy, provided the only professional bid, and I quickly selected Sunflower to update our site. During the process of working on the site Tammy was great at keeping me up to date on what she was doing and asking for input as appropriate. I was never left in the dark. I wasn’t in a rush and it took 3 to 4 weeks before she was finished, and I was very happy with the new look of the website. But, and it’s a big but, what kind of service would I get after I really began using the site and if different issues come up??? Tammy offers three weeks of support and I think I’m nearing the end of my second week. Different things have come up and Tammy has been fabulous in promptly dealing with my questions and logging into my site and fixing this or that. There are so many options with a website in WordPress using a theme like Divi and it’s easy to get in “trouble” without a guiding hand like Tammy’s. I found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about WordPress and Divi, and easy to communicate with, which is sometimes overlooked by people in selecting someone to work with. I highly recommend Tammy and Sunflower Creatives. I feel like I’ve been working with someone locally, although we’re on different sides of the country.

Peter Whittlesey

Owner, Sinxay Publishing

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Sunflower Creatives created such a multifaceted website and implemented the vision quickly, with creativity, and with reliable responsiveness. They offered creative solutions, suggested the most economical and user-friendly paths and communicated regularly throughout the process. The feedback we’ve gotten on the website from sources in the technology fields has been extremely positive.


Liza Lee

Business Development, Cultural Cuba

In the past, I wasted a lot of money in trying to find a good web designer. Thank goodness I found Sunflower Creatives! I purchased one of their Divi child themes and had Tammy customize it for me. All I can say is WOW! Tammy not only does fabulous design work, but is great to work with as well. She keeps her promise of not finishing until you're totally satisfied, completes on time, and is very responsive. From now on, any of my future projects will go to Sunflower Creatives!

Ellen Scherr

Owner, Life Branches

Highly accessible and great at helping small businesses get a professional website they can manage themselves up and running so they can be found by their end clients.

Cynthia Wilkins Dailey

Owner, Scribble Space

What I love about Tammy and Sunflower Creatives is that they care. Tammy is extremely responsive and wants to make sure that she meets your needs. Her follow-up is better than anyone else I have worked with in the business. In a world where it can be scary to trust someone with your website, Tammy made me feel like I was in good hands. I am enjoying my new site and would use Sunflower Creatives again to do work for me in the future.

Lacee Jacobs

Owner, Weologists

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"Sunflower Creatives helped me to transfer themes and get everything "just right" at a moment's notice for my blog! Professional help, quality work, and communication describe this company. THANK YOU!!"


Pam Reece

Yoga Instructor, Pam Reece Yoga

I chose Sunflower Creatives not because I necessarily saw something exactly like what I wanted in their portfolio - but because I saw enough of a range of work that indicated to me that they would be able to produce what I was looking for. And boy, did they! My blog had been around for 10 years - first on Blogger, then self-hosted Blogspot, then WordPress (.com), then self-hosted WordPress. I'd been through multiple themes and so besides 1900+ posts there were 2 databases and an enormous amount of technical detritus! The design they provided from my style board was stellar and finally consolidated my brand the way I had wanted it. Working with them was excellent as Tammy was very responsive and had the technical chops to deal with such a large and established site as mine, and move the entire thing over to a new URL, as well as redesigning it from the ground up. Though the timeline stretched far beyond what had been planned, even after the project was essentially "done" Tammy was still available to answer questions and iron out technical difficulties resulting from the move. I'd recommend them anytime for anyone who has an established brand and is looking for an ENTIRE rebrand, redesign, and relaunch on a URL - because Sunflower Creatives can handle it! Thank you, Tammy and the team!

Carly Cais

Blogger / Influencer, Chic Creative Life

If you want to make a great impression online, your website has to look fantastic and be easy to navigate. In order for your site to look amazing and be user friendly, you must work with a top-notch web designer. Tammy Grant of Sunflower Creatives is that designer! She is knowledgeable, caring, talented, and professional.

After I shared my website vision with her, Tammy worked diligently to create the website I now love. She took each one of my ideas and brought them to life online. In fact, Tammy’s design looks better than the one I envisioned inside my head! Whenever I changed my mind about a design aspect, Tammy cheerfully and quickly adjusted the site design to my liking. As we worked together, Tammy even offered valuable suggestions that made the site even more amazing!

I know I wasn’t Tammy’s only client, but she certainly made feel as if I was the only one. I am thrilled to have had an opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend Tammy’s services to those seeking an attractive and functional website. Tammy’s stellar customer service, quick turn around, excellent communication, and high quality work set Sunflower Creatives apart from other designers.

Andrea Thorpe

Blogger, Embracing Him

I met Tammy more than a decade ago. Then, I didn’t know her as a business owner and website developer. Instead, she was a mother and a friend, someone with whom I could laugh and eat, parent, pray, and fellowship. Today, I’ve been blessed by her professionally as well as personally. She took over the design of my first struggling site and–voila!–turned it into something beautiful. Tammy is accessible, helpful, and talented, anticipating needs, fielding questions, and finding creative solutions (often to problems I’ve created). She has since developed a second site for me and I’ve recommended her to other businesses and friends. She is a developing “guru,” a huge asset to any corporation or individual who wants to expand his or her social media footprint.

Robin W. Pearson

Author, Robin W. Pearson

Highly accessible and great at helping small businesses get a professional website they can manage themselves up and running so they can be found by their end clients.

Cynthia Wilkins Dailey

Owner, Scribble Space

A special shout out to Sunflower Creatives for the incredible job they performed for me on my website (www.courtshipvsdating.com). When selecting a company, I always look for one that is professional, can provide great and quality work, with outstanding customer service, and in a timely fashion. This company provided it all! Kudos and I look forward to working with you all in the future. 🙂

Rickey E. Macklin

Minister, Author & Speaker, Courtship vs. Dating

Thank you Sunflower Creatives for the awesome website you created for me. It was my pleasure working with Tammy Grant, and I was amazed at how quickly my site was created. I very much appreciate the help she gave in answering my many questions and explaining things I needed to know. All of my requests were accommodated, and I especially love all the creative special additions that Tammy came up with for me. Many Thanks.

Melanie Hernandez

Owner, Ecospace Garden Consulting

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