The Importance of Meta Tags and Alt Tags for Images on a Website

May 20, 2021

The Importance of Meta Tags and Alt Tags for Images on a Website

In addition to getting people to read your content, excellently chosen images also strengthen your message. Your images must have great alt attributes. Title and alt tags strengthen a message towards the search engine spiders. What is more is the fact that they improve your site’s accessibility.

Title Tags and Alt Tags

The title and alt attributes of an image are referred commonly as title tag and alt text or alt tag although technically, they aren’t tags. The alt text normally describes exactly what is on an image. It also describes an image’s function on the page. Therefore, if you’ve got an image that is used as a button to purchase product x, then the alt text would read: ‘Button to purchase product x.’ Screen readers use alt tag. Anytime you hover over an element, the title attribute is revealed as a tooltip. As a result, when it comes to an image button, the button ought to contain an addition call-to-action such as, ‘Purchase product x now for $12.’

Importance of Alt Tags

Search engines hardly see images present on websites. Even though an image features a text that’s embedded in it, search engines aren’t able to crawl that particular text. Therefore, failure to create alt attributes for all images in your site makes you lose a great opportunity to be highly visible online. Search engines utilize the information provided by alt text to decide the best image to focus on for a search query. It’s surely an amazing way to rake in more traffic to your site. Additionally, it helps in enhancing your ranking in the search engines. Ultimately, you enjoy an upper hand over your competitors when it comes to SEO. Therefore alt and title attributes are an effective place to not only use your keywords, but also help increase chances of showing up in the image searches.

Written by Tammy Grant

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