How Your Website Is a Key Part of Your Online Sales Funnels

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June 8, 2021

Above everything else, most if not all business owners want to increase their sales and gain more customers. Do you feel like your customer base and sales base have some more room for improvement? If yes, that’s exactly where sales funnels are magical.

By creating an effective sales funnel, measuring its results as well as upgrading it with time, you’ll definitely enjoy a streamlined system that enables you to boast higher sales whenever needed.

What’s a Sales Funnel?

Simply put, a sales funnel usually represents the path that your clients use to find everything about your business in order to make a purchase. For sure, you can have more than a single funnel. This is especially true if you boast several marketing channels. For instance, a sales funnel for your flyer distribution may look different from that of your social media.

The best part about the success of an online funnel is the fact that it’s measurable.

What Role Does a Website Play in your Online Sales Funnels?

Before looking at how your website is a vital part of your online sales funnels, it’s important to first know how you create an online sales funnel. Regarding the planning of your sales funnel, you normally work with not more than four levels.

These are:

* Level 1 – Brand awareness

* Level 2 – Lead gathering

* Level 3 – Lead qualifying

* Level 4 – Sale

In the four levels, your website’s role is in level 1. Websites work as brand awareness channels. This is especially true if prospects conduct an online search looking for businesses or enterprises like yours. You stand a better chance of enjoying more traffic especially, if your business blogs. According to Hubspot’s data, businesses that blog roughly 11 times monthly stand to enjoy three times more traffic compared to those that don’t.

Written by Chelsea Grant

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