How Mobile Websites Are Being Favored By Google

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June 2, 2021

Rather than major desktop sites, Google has shifted to mobile website versions when it comes to search result rankings. The company’s search indexing system is majorly mobile-driven now.

To date, Google has managed to slightly experiment and toy with the shift. The transition period might take some time before it takes full effect.

Google will begin administering some small-scale experiments over the next couple of months. Once the experiment proves to be an incredible experience for users, it can proceed on full-scale shift to mobile search indexing.

What should you do?

In addition to announcing the change, Google has compiled a comprehensive list, which webmasters can utilize to make their shift effortless.

Primarily, you must ensure that both your website’s mobile and desktop version serve a structured markup. The best way to test it out is by utilizing the company’s structured data testing tool.

Secondly, you must verify your site’s mobile version in Google’s Search Console.

If you are a site owner that doesn’t have a mobile version, there’s no need to be worried. Google will continue indexing your website even when viewed utilizing a mobile platform.

The transition to mobile-driven search indexes contributes immensely to Google’s plans of making search attuned to the usage of mobile. It’s important because mobile search has tremendously become prevalent with the rise of smartphone usage.

How to attain the attribution

Your website will be considered ‘mobile-friendly’ if it meets a particular set of criteria detected by Google bot.

For starters, you must use text that’s readable without being zoomed in on.

Secondly, keep off software that’s not mobile-friendly.

Your website must be 100% accessible and usable across different mobile devices forms.

By doing everything highlighted above, there’s no doubt that your site will always rank higher based on the new requirements by Google.

Written by Chelsea Grant

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