The Pros and Cons of DIYing Your Website

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April 1, 2021

The Pros and Cons of DIYing Your Website

Your business needs a website. You are excited to get one up and running. Deep in your mind, you know that creating an efficient website is crucial. Therefore, you’re willing to spend money to get it going. However, not so much money …  Your options are basic. You can either DIY (‘do it yourself’) or DIFM (‘do it for me’).

Either of these routes has its drawbacks and advantages.

Here are the pros and cons of DIYing your website:


Cost savings

Just like do it yourself can substantially save you on home improvement; you can handle your website design for little or even at no cost. An essential consideration for many small business owners is budget.

Marketing inspiration

The entire process of designing/developing your website can inspire you to refine your marketing messages further. Site design might be a golden opportunity to innovate and brainstorm your marketing efforts.

Total control

Designing a website makes sure one has total control over his or her content. For sure, there won’t be any back and forth with your designer arguing the merits or demerits of media, color, and font because you are at the helm.


The following are the disadvantages of DIYing your website:

  • You alienate mobile users if your site isn’t mobile responsive
  • It falls short of optimizing the content and site for search engines
  • It produces a homogenous site since there is minimal opportunity to tailor it when using a design template
  • It creates a poor quality site that is unappealing to clients
  • Doing it yourself takes time away from other crucial business activities such as selling, administrative and management tasks
  • It surely leads to time-consuming technical challenges


When planning to set up your website, knowing the pros and cons of doing it yourself can help you make the right decision.

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