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It’s not easy deciding who you want to design your website. Where do you go to see a list of website designers, besides the general chaos of an online search? I became interested in the Divi theme and bought it and installed it on our website domain, erasing our old site. I like to tinker with website design when I have time, and put together something, but I knew it didn’t look professional and lacked some of the features I wanted. I learned about a Divi group on FaceBook and joined the group and posted the question of where could I find a list of website designers, and was lead to a list of about twenty people. I like to browse the websites of the designers themselves and closely look through their portfolios, and after a day I selected three designers and asked if they could give me a bid on redoing my website.

Sunflower Creatives, aka Tammy, provided the only professional bid, and I quickly selected Sunflower to update our site. During the process of working on the site Tammy was great at keeping me up to date on what she was doing and asking for input as appropriate. I was never left in the dark. I wasn’t in a rush and it took 3 to 4 weeks before she was finished, and I was very happy with the new look of the website. But, and it’s a big but, what kind of service would I get after I really began using the site and if different issues come up??? Tammy offers three weeks of support and I think I’m nearing the end of my second week. Different things have come up and Tammy has been fabulous in promptly dealing with my questions and logging into my site and fixing this or that. There are so many options with a website in WordPress using a theme like Divi and it’s easy to get in “trouble” without a guiding hand like Tammy’s. I found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about WordPress and Divi, and easy to communicate with, which is sometimes overlooked by people in selecting someone to work with. I highly recommend Tammy and Sunflower Creatives. I feel like I’ve been working with someone locally, although we’re on different sides of the country.

Peter Whittlesey

Author, Sinxay Publishing

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