Why you should write a blog post series

If one blog post is great for traffic and links, writing a blog series is even better. Why write a blog series?

A series takes your content to a whole new level. It has the ability to bring readers back to your blog and create backlinks within your site, giving you more credibility with the search engines. By writing a blog series that your readers are truly interested in, you can create value and boost your blog.

Here is how to get started with an engaging blog series.

Step 1: Pick a topic

This is perhaps the most important step for a successful blog series (of course, it’s important for single posts too!). For a series, the topic should be big enough to justify a series of posts. You want each post to offer value. The last thing you want is to end up dragging out posts or repeating information just to create something longer than it should be.

If you are having a hard time coming up with an idea, start with what your audience is interested in. Look at your most popular posts. Could you delve deeper on any of those subjects?


Step 2: Write an outline

Even if you don’t normally create outlines your posts, your series could benefit from one. List keywords and points you want to address in your series. Doing so will help you visualize what specific topic you want to cover in each individual post.

Step 3: Pick a name

Name your series. Like any blog post title, your series title should be catchy and should convey what your series will be about. Since it is a series, you can keep the same theme or first few words. Also, consider keywords for SEO purposes.

Step 4: Write your introductory post

This post will formally announce your series to your audience. In it, introduce your topic, but also tell your readers to expect a series on the topic. You may even want to let them know what each post will be about. Not only does this help build up their anticipation, but it keeps you accountable to writing the remainder of the series.


Step 5: Continue your series and interlink your posts

Now, continue on with your series. You can write a post a day if you’re ambitious, or you can spread them out a bit more. Try not to spread the posts out too much; you want readers to remain interested and come back while the topic is still fresh in their minds. Reference and link the previous post in the beginning of each new post, and mention it’s a series and what else to expect in the end. This is a great way to bring attention to your entire series, especially if someone happens to start reading somewhere in the middle.

Single blog posts are great, but a series of blog posts can bring your content marketing to a new level. Pick a topic your readers will be interested in and write a great series that will keep them coming back for more!




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