How Font Choice Matters In Website Design

September 3, 2020

How Font Choice Matters In Website Design

Any word one reads evokes an emotion. For instance, a news article featuring a devastating event brings to mind some emotions. A humorous story on the other hand evokes a totally different response. Perhaps, you are reading a piece of opinion that you passionately disagree with.
Regardless of the subject matter, the tone and genre of any writing determines the emotional engagement of a reader with the text. However, did you know that font choice boasts as much impact on the emotion of a reader?

Here is how to leverage on fonts whenever you design your website:

How Fonts Elicit Emotions

Take a moment to think of exactly anything you read everyday — news articles, office signs, text articles, emails, billboards and road signs. Why do fonts make people feel the way they do? It has much to do with science and little with art. Bad font design evokes negative emotions while great designs not only took less time to read but also evoked a strong sense of clarity amongst readers.

Which Typeface is the best?

Undeniably, individual typefaces might be expressive or fun. However, they are not practical at all times. Whenever you are going for professionalism and readability on your website, it is prudent to settle for the most adaptable, appropriate font for the job.

Tenets of Legibility

Above everything else, your site must be easy to read. If your readers must tire to get whatever you have to say, then they will not stay on your site long enough. Fonts such as Sans serif are considered largely more suitable for the digital body content. Serif fonts on the other hand are reserved for print. Script fonts are rarely perfect for web copy. Nevertheless, you can use Script fonts in a logo or page heading.

Final thoughts

It is essential to know how to settle for the right fonts for your website. Additionally, you need to know how to match and mix different types of fonts. A great font design matters — however, it should not be at the expense of your content.

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