Why Using Free Website Builders Aren’t Good Long Term

More and more people are realizing how essential it is to be online. Unfortunately, many people are turning to free website builders for their blog or small business sites. While these free website builders seem like a good deal (I mean, they’re free!), there are actually many disadvantages to using them long-term.


free website builders


They look unprofessional. Free website builders typically add their own extension to your site address. Already this signals visitors that your site was free. Unfortunately, a free, generic site doesn’t often signal professionalism or invoke trust. Especially for businesses or bloggers looking to make a buck, professionalism is essential.

They lack many creative features. Free websites may allow you to drag and drop and easily create a site, but they really lack the ability to further customize the site. One of the best things about having your own website is being able to customize the look, layout and feel – and make it uniquely you.


free website builders

They also lack support options. With the limited tools comes limit support, and with something like a website, you want tons of backup support. Most free website builders give you standard tools, which results in the lack of functionality and the support to handle only resulting issues.

They sometimes have hosting issues. It costs money to host a site and the more bandwidth you have, the more it will cost. Since these free website builders tend to host millions of sites on overloaded servers all on the same bandwidth, it raises the possibly of your site going down at any given time.

There are no guarantees. Unfortunately, you don’t really own your site with a free builder. This means you are still subject to the rules set by your host company. There is always that possibility that you won’t be able to access your site, or worse, it could get taken down completely.  With some free builders your source files aren’t available to you when you are ready to move your site.



They seem too good to be true. And when things seem too good to be true, they probably are. These web builders advertise the benefits of no money down and easy to build sites for anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, what they don’t advertise is that they are very limited in other areas. Yes, you won’t have to put money down to start your site, but the resulting site will be unprofessional and look just like a million other sites out there.

When it comes to creating your own website, there are free website builders and then there are paid options like WordPress. While free website builders may seem like a good deal, most times they just aren’t. You are better off spending a little more so that you will end up with a site that is customized to your liking and unlike any other site out there.

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