How to Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers

Twitter has been around for 8 years now and is still one of the best ways to market a blog and connect with others.

For anyone just getting started on this social network, it can be a bit daunting. You could start following anyone willy nilly and pray they follow you back; and the truth is, many of them will.

But are they real leads that will help boost your blog? Probably not. Here are some better tactics for getting Twitter followers that are actually interested in your blog.

getting twitter followers


Promote Your Profile Everywhere

You want to add a link to your Twitter profile on your website, but you also want to add it just about everywhere else too. Include a link in your email signature and your business cards. Add it to any forum signatures or any other promotional material.

getting twitter followers


Follow With a Purpose

When getting Twitter followers, you don’t want to just follow anyone to have them follow you back. Have a plan in place. Follow people who are in the same niche as you or those who are interested in what you blog about. Search through profiles to look for interests, businesses and even tweets that identify with your blog.


getting twitter followers

Tweet Consistently

Tweeting useful things each day will help you quickly build your audience. Even better, make sure that you tweet around the clock. You’re audience isn’t just in your time zone and getting Twitter followers relies on tweeting often. Use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets throughout the day and night.

getting twitter followers


Don’t Always Tweet About Yourself

Yes, you want to promote your blog. But people want to follow bloggers who offer some sort of value, not those that spam them with nothing but their own posts. Retweet things you find around the web that you think your followers could benefit from. Share interesting or funny posts or articles. Try to keep to tweeting about yourself 20% of the time, and sharing other stuff the rest of the time.

getting twitter followers


Add to Your Tweets and Retweets

While most articles come with attention-grabbing headlines, adding just a little more to your tweets can generate more attention. Add a catchy description or add hashtags. Make it easy for your tweets to get the attention they deserve.

Getting started with Twitter is easy. It’s getting Twitter followers who are genuinely interested in your blog that can be difficult. Start by promoting your profile, following the right people, tweeting consistently and sharing useful information. Once you start getting followers, you want keep them. Beyond posting often, be engaging. Join in on conversations and respond to your followers and you will quickly grow your following.

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