Want to know the best way to boost your new blog, build your online tribe and find loyal readers? Its guest posting.

What’s guest posting? It’s writing and publishing a blog post on someone else’s blog. Not only do you want to lend out your content, you want your best content on other blogs. It will help bring your own blog some attention. Here’s how.

Benefits of Guest Posting      


Guest posting, or guest blogging, on more prominent blogs has many benefits for you. Among the top benefits:

  • It introduces your blog to a new audience. If you pick the right blogs to guest on, you can direct the readers of the already-established blogs to your own blog. This allows you to connect with new readers and broaden your audience.
  • It brings you more traffic. Guest posting is a blatant, but totally legit way, to direct traffic to your site. When you post on other blogs, you include a link to your site. People like what you write, they naturally check out your link.
  • It’s great for search engine optimization. Backlinks look good in the eyes of Google. With each guest post you write, you are linking back to your site, increasing your exposure across the Internet.

How to Get Started Guest Posting

To get started guest blogging, start by looking for the heavy hitters in your niche. Follow them on social media, sign up for their email lists and comment on their posts. Start to get a feel for their content and how they write, while allowing them to get an idea of who you are.

The next step is to directly reach out to bloggers. Some will state on their site if they accept guest posts or not. Others may not spell it out, but you can usually tell if they have posts written by others. If they have specific guest posting instructions on their site, make sure that you follow them.

In your guest posting pitch, come up with a few post ideas that will fit the concept of the host blog. After reading and following the blogs, you should have an idea of the tone, style and length of typical posts. Come up with a killer idea that is sure to impress.

Once you land a guest post spot, make sure you follow through with your best work. Include a bio with a link back to your own blog when you submit the post. After your first guest posting opportunity, keep on going. Keep looking for more blogs to guest on to expand your reach across the web.

Guest posting is a great way to easily expand your blog reach and get more traffic. Start by researching top blogs in your niche and reaching out to the bloggers. Soon you will have collected posts and backlinks around the web, increasing your own traffic and your credibility.

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