Email marketing is, without a doubt still the best form of online marketing.  While all forms of marketing online is very important, there is no substitute for delivering your message directly to your readers email box that they check daily.

One of the best ways to increase newsletter subscribers is to use a Popup plugin.  These are little windows that popup when a user visits your website.  You may setup the window to popup immediately or after a couple of minutes of the users visit.

In this article we will list the best plugins to use in your WordPress site or blog to increase newsletter subscribers.  Some of them are free and others are sold at a small fee.  Many of them are extremely flexible and allows you to use some creativity.

 Popup Extension for Newsletters – (Free)

This plugin is developed by Satollo.  The popup extension plugin integrates with their newsletter plugin.  This plugin can be configured from your dashboard.  You can define the amount of days the plugin uses the same message.  Your message is completely editable.

popup newsletter extension plugin

 Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box – (Free)

Identify engaged visitors, get them to take action, and increase conversion rates with this plugin.  The plugin displays a popup box that is customizable to grab your visitors attention.  You can specify an event that triggers the box to popup, such as once a percentage of the post has been scrolled or when visitors reach the end of a post.

dreamgrow popup plugin


YITH Newsletter Popup – (Free)

This plugin allows you to have a floating popup with a newsletter form.  This is also great for those who use the WooCommerce shopping cart system because it supports store products.  This means you can choose a single or variable product and the plugin automatically adds the products info with an “Add to Cart” button within the popup. A great extension for those who want to highlight certain products/services and grab the attention of his target.

YITH popup newsletter


WordPress Popup – (Free / $19)

A smart, responsive, customizable and beautifully coded popup plugin.  Introduce mailing lists, exclusive offers and other advertisements to your clients, users or visitors with a polished pop-up ad that helps increase newsletter subscribers.

Wordpress Popup


 Itro Popup Plugin – (Free)

This is a fully customizable plugin.  You can select the pages that where you would like to use it, fade in and fade out animation, age verification if needed, automatically popups up centered in the page, and much more.

ITRO popup plugin


Clifton’s Lightbox – (Free)

Features a lightbox subscription form overlay.    Clifton’s Lightbox allows you to have a titlte, list, an image or video.

Clifton's Lightbox


Optin Revolution – (Free/ $47)

A supercharged and unblockable popup plugin.  This is has unlimited customization and is super easy to use.  An upgrade is available with this plugin that to track conversions and  view statistics.  Also add YouTube, Vimeo, or self hosted video.

Optin Revolution


Icegram – (Free)

This is a new plugin that is very versatile.  It allows you to promote your newsletter  in a notification bar at the top, in a small box at the bottom of the page, or as a chat type of popup.  Every element can be changed with this plugin using the visual WordPress editor.  You can also target specific pages with a popup message.


Whether you love them or hate them, popups are an effective way to increase newsletter subscribers.  Looking for plugins can be overwhelming.  It is sometimes difficult to decide on just the right one.  It’s a good thing plugins are easy to install and uninstall.  If you haven’t already used a popup subscriber form, you should give it a shot.   I would also love to hear from those who are using a popup with success.  How is is working out for you and share any insight.

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