With the rising popularity of images in social media, it makes sense that sites like Instagram have taken off. With over 300 million users, Instagram is a great network to help you promote your blog. Let’s look at some ways you can use Instagram for blog traffic.

Complete your bio.

Though short in characters, your Instagram bio doesn’t have to be short on information. The 150 character limit doesn’t leave much room for flair, so get right to the point. Tell who you are, and what your blog is about. And don’t forget your blog URL!

Claim your images.

You never know if your images will go viral, so make sure everyone knows where they originated. Add your blog name or URL on all your images. You can easily use photo editing software to add your text in the bottom corner of your photos.

Use images to highlight your posts.

While other social media networks allow you to directly post a link to your blog posts, directly promoting each post is a little different on Instagram. Try creating a roundup of your best posts, create an eye-catching image for that roundup, and post that image. Your goal is to post something intriguing enough that will entice your followers to visit your site.

Use hashtags.

Using relevant hashtags can make it easier for new people to find your profile. But don’t go overboard! Studies have shown that the best number of hashtags is around 7. Anything more than that looks like spam. Use tags appropriate for your blog and industry, and try to find things that are trending at the moment (as long as they fit your photo, of course).

Be engaging.

Another way to use Instagram for blog traffic has nothing to do with images you post. Like all other social networks, it’s important to be engaging. Follow others who post similar content. Leave comments and like photos. Interacting with other users will lead to more followers and more blog traffic.

Use calls-to-action.

Point people to your website by including a direct call-to-action in your captions. Not every post needs to have one, but you can use them where they make sense. Write things like, “check out my site for more info,” or “please click on the link in my bio for more.” If you tell followers what you want them to do, they are very likely to visit your site.

Using Instagram for blog traffic has never been easier, and more important. The photo-centric social site has millions of users, many of which just may be interested in your blog. Use these easy tips to use Instagram to drive more people back your site.


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