10 tips to having a Professional Website

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November 5, 2020

In the current online age, having a professional website/blog is completely necessary. It does not matter the type of business venture or career choice one decides to choose. Great websites operate as an effective communication channel, a store platform, efficient engine for branding, great way to display skills and works as well as being a powerful marketing tool. Having a professional website can surely help you achieve all these simultaneously.

The million-dollar question then begs, how do you create a professional looking website? Exactly what do you need to do?

The following are ten tips to having a professional website:

Tip #1: Strategize your brand – The maiden task must be to devise a comprehensive branding strategy … have a solid idea of the exact purpose of the site

Tip #2: Approach the design – Ensure the design you opt for is not only appealing but shares the values and principles of your business/company/organization

Tip #3: Prioritize usability – Ensure as much as the site is stunning, it also boasts a friendly user experience to visitors

Tip #4: Prepare adequately for search engines – Incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when creating the site in order to enjoy higher rankings on the search results

Tip #5: Professionalize your site – Have a number of features that make the website appealing to the target market

Tip #6: Go mobile – All websites must have a mobile version — yours shouldn’t be an exception

Tip #7: Keep your visitors engaged – Add features that reach actively to visitors and keep online content dynamic

Tip #8: Pay close attention to fonts – Pick a font that matches the culture and style of your business/company. It makes the site look distinctive, modern, and professional

Tip #9: Background is highly important – The background should not be overly overwhelming — let it reflect the unique brand style of your business

Tip #10: Use big images – Look more professional, and increase user engagement by using beautiful and high quality imagery

Written by Bethany Grant

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