5 tweaks to rank your site on Google

If your business website still isn’t ranking quite as high on the search engine results as you’d like, listen up.

Getting your website found by searchers has a lot to do with appeasing the Google gods. Over the years, Google has changed and tweaked their ranking criteria; and it can be hard to keep up! So here are 5 easy tweaks that you can do to help your business website get ranked higher in 2016.

#1 Add content regularly

Google has placed more and more emphasis on content over the years. Not just content, but regular content. This means giving your readers enough information, on a regular basis. If you’re not blogging often, at least twice a week, plan to in the new year.

#2 Write useful posts

Besides regular content, Google is looking for good content. Make sure all your blog posts is worthy of reading. This means writing about topics people genuinely want to read about. It also means not over-stuffing your posts with keywords that don’t seem to fit. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. If it’s something you would enjoy reading, something that would actually help you in some way, chances are it will be good for your readers, and for Google.

#3 Gain more inbound links

Link building is great for organic traffic. Thing is, it’s not so easy to get quality links. So how do you convince other bloggers to link to your blog? It goes back to the first 2 tweaks: content. Your content should be worthy of linking to. The writing should be clear and catchy, the information useful, and any facts should be backed up with research.

google#4 Do some of your own linking

Linking goes both ways. That means including useful outbound links in your content. Google wants to see that you are pointing readers to other great content. Link to reputable sites, and make sure your links match your text anchors.

#5 Make sure your site is responsive

Is your site still not mobile-friendly? If it isn’t, you need to get on this ASAP. In fact, this was a 2015 tweak, when Google started penalizing sites and their ranking for not being mobile-friendly. Test your site using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool. If you need to make some changes, choose a theme that is responsive; it will automatically adjust to fit any screen your reader is using. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact us and we can help!

Does your business website need help ranking on Google? Start by making sure your site is appeasing the biggest search engine. Try these 5 tweaks to make Google happy.



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