Is Your Current Website Attracting Your Ideal Client?

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Is Your Current Website Attracting Your Ideal Client?

Every business wants more and more traffic to its site. Unfortunately, not all traffic is valuable. Actually, unless a business discovers how to attract the right kind of visitor (s) to its site, there is a slim chance that it will achieve the results it desires.
Thankfully, a process exists which businesses can utilize to attract valuable traffic. Use the following strategies to ensure your website attracts ideal clients:

attracting your ideal client
attracting your ideal client
attracting your ideal client

Strategy #1: Create Buyer Personas

Does your business know who an ideal client is? Do you know how an ideal client makes buying decisions? By knowing everything that constitutes an ideal client, your business will be able to effectively create a buyer persona. Some of the crucial questions areas to look at about an ideal client are:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Seniority and profession level
  • Income
  • Gender

Which issues do they need/want solved?By identifying the above criteria, your business will surely get a clearer idea of exactly who you need to attract to your site. An excellently defined buyer persona will enable you to customize your content and message in order to reach ideal clients.

Strategy #2: Identify where you can find an ideal customer

After developing your buyer persona, you have a greater insight on how to best reach your customers. Here are some of the things you need to understand:

  • Which social media networks do your ideal clients frequently use
  • Where do your clients go to obtain information on services or products they are interested in
  • Where do your clients spend time online

Strategy #3: Always develop valuable content for clients

The sad reality is that less than 5% of your website visitors will convert on their maiden visit. Therefore, how can you ensure they keep coming back? Do the following:

  • Learn how to perfectly measure conversion rates for your site and modify content as needed
  • Utilize your research to develop lead nurturing programs that are targeted at your different buyer personas
  • Reach out to every buyer persona group in an individual way providing valuable content in such a way that they are highly likely to respond

Simply put, always churn out content that adds value to your clients.
Above everything else, your website is the primary marketing platform to promote your business. Therefore, you must ensure it is world-class at all time. This way, you will be able to attract ideal clients.


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