Does Your Blog Need a Newsletter?

Have you noticed the influx of websites asking for your email? They all want you to subscribe to emails, enter your email for a free ebook or sign up for a free account.

But why?

The short answer is that the blogger wants to get you on their email list. The longer answer as to why they want you on their list will vary from blogger to blogger. So does your blog need a newsletter too?

Is a Newsletter Worth It?

We’ll admit it; writing an email newsletter is one more thing to add to your plate. It does take planning and time. So is it going to be worth it? The answer is, depends on your blogging goals.

Email newsletters go deeper than just sharing latest posts. People can easily get those via an RSS feed. Through emails, you can share more information and form a connection with your readers. You can also use your emails to promote any products of your own, affiliate products or services you offer.

Benefits of Email Newsletters



People check email. Even if people subscribe to a feed, it doesn’t mean they’re going to check it often. In fact, they may check it once a week or less and your newest posts can easily get buried or overlooked. On the other hand, most people check their email daily or pretty close to it.

You can build a connection. With emails, you can get more informal and more personal. You can connect with your audience on a deeper level. If you plan on selling anything with your blog, your success will depend on your relationship with your audience. In general, the more they trust you the more likely they are to shop with you. Emails allow you to build your brand, and your following.

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