We’re sure you’ve heard of keywords. They are useful in getting your content found by online searchers, but if you’re not completely sure how to use them, you could be doing it all wrong. Here is what you need to know about how to use keywords on your blog.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are strategically selected words that you think online searchers are most likely to be looking for. These words, or even better – phrases, are used throughout your blog posts and meta sections to help your site get found by the webcrawlers, programs that are used to search the web and feed them to search engines.

Keywords essentially represent what your site is all about. They help gain you readers and traffic, so learning how to use keywords correctly will help you boost your new blog. There are two main types of keywords: broad word and long-tail keywords. Broad words are just that; they are short words that are often searched, but are very general. Long-tail keywords are phrases that are more specific to your industry or topic.

How to Pick Good Keywords

When you are starting out learning how to use keywords, a good place to start doing keyword research is Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner. By doing a quick search, you can get suggested keywords and an estimate of how many people are searching for those words. Try searching for different word combinations to get an idea of what people want and what different words you can use on your site.




Using your keywords

Keywords should also be placed throughout your content. A long time ago, when keywords were introduced, there was a lot of emphasis on adding as many keywords as possible to help your content get found. Google has since made many changes to what it looks for, and keyword stuffing is no longer useful.

Instead, use your keywords in your text naturally. Make it sound as real as possible, like your targeted words and phrases aren’t even there. Google focuses on good, well-written content, and so should you.

For bloggers, there has always been a focus on how to use keywords. These seemingly simple words and phrases can play a huge part in getting your blog or content found in the search engines.

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