Why Your Blog is Ready to Launch Now

Launching a new blog can be intimidating. You want everything to be just perfect. However, trying to achieve perfection can delay your launch. Instead, let go of the idea of perfection. Here is why good enough is good enough, and when you should be ready to launch your blog.

No Such Thing as Perfection

We know you want everything perfect. We do too. But the truth is, there is always going to be something. One more post will make it look complete. One more tweak to the template. One more widget you need to add.

Crafting a blog is an ongoing thing. There are new things to try, new plugins to add. Once you get your blog to the point it’s good enough to be seen, go ahead and launch your blog.


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What’s Good Enough?

But what’s good enough? What is that point where you should launch your blog? Here are 5 things you should have (or at least consider having) to ensure your blog is ready to be launched.

#1 Blog posts. You should have at the very least, 3-5 posts published when you launch your blog. If you have more, great! You should also have a few more in draft form and some topics ideas stored away. We’re not talking about the template “welcome to my blog” post. You should have quality posts that will reflect the type of writing you will continue to supply.


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#2 A unique design. The design of your blog says a lot, and can attract or turn away viewers. Make sure you get it correct from the start. Find out more about choosing the right theme for your blog in this post.


#3 A RSS subscribe to posts option. One of the easiest ways to get readers to return to your site is to offer some way to subscribe. The Google-offered tool FeedBurner is free and easy to set up.


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#4 An email newsletter. If you are planning on having an email newsletter, add the sign up boxes to your site from the time you launch your blog. An email newsletter is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your loyal readers. There are many options for setting up a subscription box, some free and some paid.


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#5 Social sharing buttons. Before you launch your blog, you should not only have your social media accounts set up, but also have your social sharing buttons on your site and ready to go.

Launching a new blog is a big undertaking. You may feel the need to get everything perfect before you actually launch your blog. But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be perfect. Get your blog good enough so you can launch as soon as possible and get your name out there.

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