Do you need a new business website?

Is it time to update your business website? Wait, how do you even know when it’s time? Major business overhauls warrant a site redo, but other than that, it can be hard to know when you should update. Here are 7 hints that it’s time for a new business website.

Hint #1: It just looks dated or messy compared to others in your industry

Check out your competition. Does your business website pale in comparison? Unfortunately, if you are in an industry where you have competing businesses, what your business website looks like does matter. If you site is outdated or hard to navigate, chances are customers will opt for the business who’s site is easy to manage.

Hint #2: Your site isn’t mobile friendly

In April 2015, Google updated their algorithm. They started penalizing sites that were not optimized for mobile devices. This means your website ranking could drop just because your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Does your business website pass? Plug your URL into this Google checker to see if your passes their test.

Hint #3: Your conversion rates are failing

If you notice your conversion rates, or even traffic, decreasing; it’s time for a website overhaul. Also, if you see your bounce rates increasing, there is probably a good reason for it.

Hint #4: You have a lot of filler content

Call it what you want. Filler content, packaged blog posts, PLR articles. These were pretty popular a couple years ago, when there wasn’t as much emphasis on quality content. Maybe you fell into this craze just to get some posts up on your blog. No matter the reason, these just don’t work anymore. If you have an overwhelming amount of these articles on your site, it’s time for a new website – at least new content.

businessHint #5: You’re switching to another web platform

Going from something like Wix to WordPress? You might want to consider completely redoing your site in the process. Some designs may not transfer over well, and starting fresh with a new look could help your business website look more professional.

Hint #6: You have a one-page, starter site

Like the canned content trend, single page sites were popular about a year ago. They worked well for start-ups and entrepreneurs who needed a simple site. But we now know that more pages equals more content, and more content is more chances for Google to index your site. In addition, your business has grown since you started! You should make room for a more a longer about page, testimonials, a detailed description and more.

Hint #7: Your customers are complaining about your website

Do you need another reason? If your customers are complaining that they are having a hard time navigating your business website, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

Even if you think your website is working for you, it may not be as effective as you think. Take a look at these 7 hints to see if maybe it’s time for a new business website.

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