Why a responsive web design is essential for your website

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Why a responsive web design is essential for your website

Tablets and Smartphones have completely changed the approach towards user experience and design. Prior to the proliferation of mobile gadgets with improved web-browsing capability, web designers only had one main challenge to deal with — maintaining the same look and feel of their sites in different desktop computer browsers. Nonetheless, interacting with websites on tablets and Smartphones is different with desktop computer monitors.

Factors such as optimized markup, support for Adobe’s Flash technology, Pixel-resolution, Screen-size and Click versus Touch among others have become vital while developing sites with responsive design.

website investment importance
website investment importance

What is responsive web design?

RWD (Responsive Web Design) refers to an approach of coding and laying-out a site in such a way that it offers an optimal viewing experience, ease of navigation and ease of reading with minimum resizing, scrolling and panning across different devices (from desktop monitors to mobile phones).

What makes responsive design important for sites?

Money and time

Rather than developing a conventional website, a responsive design eliminates the need to duplicate your site for mobile, which in turn brings down total development costs drastically.

Pervasion of mobile devices

Internet traffic that originates from mobile gadgets continues to rise tremendously every day. Today, more and more browse the web through their tablets and Smartphones. It would be foolhardy to ignore responsive web design. The ‘one website fits all devices’ approach will soon be the norm.

Friendly user experience

While content may be king and discoverability of content one of the most important success metrics, user experience is what makes visitors to appreciate and consume your website’s content through their most preferred device, anytime.

Why you should hire an expert to ensure your website is mobile responsive

Businesses have realized the importance of not only being active on the general web but also mobile web. A mobile responsive website is easily accessible on devices of any screen size. This makes such a website to offer a one-stop web solution. By hiring a reputed and experienced responsive web design professional, you will surely ease the entire process of establishing your mobile presence. Hiring a professional is highly viable in terms of return of investment. There is no doubt about it.


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