Sometimes we just need a little help.

And when it comes to productivity, sometimes we need a lot of help.

Luckily, there are many online tools that can do just that. Here are 8 useful tools that can actually improve your productivity.


If you need to keep track of a team of people, Toggl is your answer. Time and track each task, organize by projects and see how long things are taking. This simple tool can help you see just how long you and your team are taking on tasks, and how your time is being used. Monitoring daily, weekly, even monthly tasks can help you spend time wisely and improve your productivity.

Focus Booster.

This time tracking tool is based on the popular pomodoro technique. Basically, you set a timer and work for 25 minutes straight. Then take a 5 minute break. Then repeat. Every 4 sessions, take a longer break. It’s meant to help you focus on one thing, but making sure you only do so for short bursts so you don’t lose your focus.

Rescue Time.

Do you know how you spend your time each day? Rescue Time runs in the background on your computer and tracks the time you spend on each site and application. Reports can tell you how many hours you spend on “distracting” sites like social media, and how much time you spend on “productive” sites. You can also track how long you spend writing, such as on a Word document. Improve your productivity by trying to raise your productive minutes and lowering your distracting ones.


If you just can’t get away from those distracting sites, use an app like Freedom to block them. Tell Freedom which sites to block, and for how long, and it will literally disable them for you. Without the distraction of those websites, you can really get down to work.


This application lets you write, collect and share notes, with yourself or with a team. All devices and computers are synced within the same account, so it makes it really easy to collaborate with your team and stay organized.

Dropbox. A cloud-based storage tool that is super easy to use! Dropbox keeps all your files safe, and makes it easy to share. It can be used on your computer or on your mobile device and automatically syncs, allowing you to access all your files from anywhere.


If this, then that. This neat tool allows you to connect your apps. Set up recipes that will perform one action, if another action takes place. For example, if you post a photo to Instagram, it can get saved to Dropbox. Or if you get a new follower on Twitter, they will be automatically invited to connect on Facebook. And it’s not just for social media apps. You can set up a recipe that says if you get an email on Gmail with an attachment, that attachment will automatically be saved to your Google Drive. You can use IFTTT to automate tasks and save time.


This tool lets you preschedule your social media updates and easily share content you find online. By using Buffer, you no longer have to spend hours on social media, but can still seem like you are “on” all hours of the day.

Sometimes, our productivity takes a downturn. Lucky for us, there are many apps and tools that make it easy for us to raise it back up. Use any (or all!) of these tools to help you improve your productivity.


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