Using Google Analytics to Determine Traffic Sources To a Website

May 16, 2020

Users arrive at your application or website through a number of sources. Some of these sources include advertising campaigns, social networks and search engines. By utilizing Analytics to measure traffic sources and campaigns, you can definitely improve your user experiences and marketing efforts.

Understanding traffic sources and campaigns

In Analytics, ad campaigns, social networks, search engines as well as other sources that send users to your website collectively go by the name traffic sources and campaigns. Here are the steps that lead to the process of sending traffic source data and campaign to Analytics:

  1. Collection – Using tracking code and SDKs, values are normally sent to Google Analytics in traffic source and campaign fields.
  2. Processing – Based on a processing logic, values are utilized to populate the eventual report dimensions.
  • Reporting – Traffic source and campaign dimensions as well as metrics are available in the Core Reporting API and web interface.

Of great importance to note is that it is very much possible to customize reporting behavior, processing and collection.

Three basic traffic mediums

Google Analytics normally categorizes site traffic into three:

  • Direct traffic
  • Referring traffic
  • Search engine traffic

Direct traffic

This type of traffic represents visitors that get to your site directly by:

  • Typing your sites’ URL in their browsers’ address bar
  • Clicking on a link contained in a chat message, SMS, or email
  • Clicking on a bookmark

Referring traffic

Referring traffic is also known as referral traffic or referrer traffic. It is the kind of traffic that comes to your website by clicking a link on another site and then land to your site.

Search engine traffic

This kind of traffic comes to your site from visitors that click on links in search results page on any search engines — it can be Biekko, Yahoo, BING, Google, or any other.

Do you desire to know how visitors find your website? Google Analytics is the best tool to help you achieve exactly that.

Written by SBD

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