How Minimal Website Design Is Making a Comeback

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How Minimal Website Design Is Making a Comeback

During its relatively short history, the WWW (World Wide Web) has witnessed several waves of designs trends. The maiden design of first pages was rather non-existent or necessarily minimal. What informed this were technical limitations. Graphic design was the last thing developers considered. Then, web design only consisted of just blue links and black text on white pages, accessible through a command line. Those days, graphical browsers such as Mosaic have not seen the light of day.
Sure enough, over the years, web technology has tremendously advanced. With time, web principles of yesteryears were brushed aside. Quickly, web evolved into a highly impressive broadcast multimedia platform. Presentation acquired bigger prominence. Nowadays, the web has exploded with brand new display technologies that supposedly make pages more attractive. Sadly, most developers are overdoing things. Consequently, minimal website design is making a comeback. Oh, and it is doing it in style and with a bang!

minimalits child theme

The idea behind minimalism

Essentially, the main idea behind minimalism is the fact that less is more. Therefore, the main objective behind minimalist web design is to strip down web pages and simplify them to the barest elements necessary for design to function. It gets rid of as many unnecessary elements as possible. The process is done until there is nothing else to remove. Minimalist web design does this without interfering with the initial or original purpose of a design.

There is more than just the bare minimum

The simplicity of minimalist web design might seem simple enough. However, under the surface lies more than just ‘bare minimum.’ Here are the seven pillars that inform minimal web design:
• Negative space
• Simple navigation
• Vivid and large photography
• Visual harmony
• Dramatic typography
• Flat design evolved
• Beautiful contrast
Clearly, minimalist web design is not only making a comeback, but it is here to stay.

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