We all include social sharing buttons on our sites, but the reality is that more shares you get the more benefits you reap.

Increasing your social shares brings more traffic, more backlinks, bigger authority and a chance to grow your email list. Here are 5 ideas you can try that will really encourage readers to share your blog posts.

#1 Write content they want to share

Sounds obvious enough right? But the biggest reason people share on special media is because the content is interesting, helpful, shocking, funny, etc. Create posts that are either hot and trending, or ones that will always remain popular.

To spot a trending topic, look at to other websites in your own niche and see which topics are really popular right now. You may also want to check out social media what hot topics people are talking about. If you want to write about and evergreen, start at Google Trends.

#2 Turn to your newsletter subscribers

If you send out a newsletter to email subscribers, you should be taking advantage of their devotion. Not in a negative way, but asking them to forward your email or share your posts never hurt anyone. At the end of every email, include a statement that simply says “If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends.” Sometimes just asking will get you big results.

#3 Use widgets to make it easy for readers to tweet

You may have seen these in a blog posts that you read. I’m talking about “click to tweet” banners. They are simply a piece of sharable content inside a banner that can easily be clicked to be tweeted. If you use WordPress, look into widgets like this one, or this one.

#4 Ask your readers what they want to read about

Writing about stuff readers are genuinely interested in is a surefire way to get them to share. The easiest way to do this is to simply ask them they would like you to write about. You can send a survey to your email subscribers or ask your followers on social media.

#5 Make your images shareable

With Pinterest being so great for sharing and marketing a blog, it pays to make your images easily shareable. Along with social sharing buttons, make your images pinnable so readers can share on Pinterest. If you use WordPress, start your search for a plugin here.

The more social shares your blog posts get, the more traffic and attention your blog gets. Leverage your current readers by encouraging them to share your posts even more.


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