Use LinkedIn to Get More Business

LinkedIn is often called the world’s largest professional social network. With over 3 million users, it is a great place to make connections and boost your business.

But like any other social network, there’s often a right and a wrong way to use LinkedIn. Here are 5 tips that will help you get more business with your LinkedIn profile.

Tip #1: Have a separate page for your company

If you own a business, set up a separate page from your personal page. Your personal page can be used to participate in groups and interact with others, basically being the person behind the business. Your business page can be used for business-related updates and as a way to promote your company.

LinkedInTip #2: Republish your best blog posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for making professional connections. It’s a great platform to show off your expertise. LinkedIn Pulse allows you to publish posts to share with other users. And they don’t even have to be new posts. You can simply republish some of your best blog content.

Tip #3: Comment on other people’s updates

To help get your business noticed, start networking. Like other peoples’ updates. Comment on what they share. It doesn’t have to take long. Simply scroll through your updates and like a few updates, and comment on things that really stand out to you.

Tip #4: Participate in groups

To really increase your reach and your authority, join some Groups. Look for groups that fit your industry, join a few, read their rules and start participating. Do not use the groups to blatantly promote your business, traffic and sales will come naturally if you network well.people2Tip #5: Endorse others

Endorsements are easy to give, and it’s something that is often reciprocated. All it takes is a few clicks and you can tell others what your connections know and what skills they have.

Bonus tip: Want a bonus tip? Do not start over-promoting your business right away. LinkedIn, like any other network, is first and foremost a social place. If you start promoting your business without connecting or helping out others, you will begin to look spammy.

LinkedIn is the largest professional online network. It can help you build connections with both businesses and customers. But you have to use the platform correctly. Follow these tips, plus the bonus tip, to use LinkedIn to increase your business.




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