Getting noticed in the sea of other businesses isn’t always easy.

So for a new business trying to get their name out there, early marketing is a must. How do you start marketing, especially when you have a limited budget? The answer is content marketing, ideally with your own blog. Startups absolutely need to have a blog in today’s online marketing world. Here are just some of the benefits:

A blog gives you even more SEO power.

Each blog post is an opportunity to incorporate more keywords onto your website, and link to other authority sites. Posting content on a regular basis also makes Google happy. It gives them more chances to index your site, plus gives you more chances to gain inbound links.

Let’s potential investors and business partners find you.

With all that extra SEO power, the right person just may find you. A blog and website gently introduces people to your startup, so let your blog do the scouting for you. People can then contact you directly (make sure you have all the right info on your site!).

It demonstrates your industry knowledge.

Want to show potential investors and potential customers you know what you’re talking about? Blogging is an easy, and very effective, way to do it! Simply writing posts that aim to teach and inform will show others you know your way around the industry.

It helps you build your following early.

A big part of marketing a startup is building anticipation, so why not use your blog to do so? Add an email opt-in form at the end of your blog posts or in your sidebar. It’s never too early to start collecting email addresses.

It gives you the perfect place to get feedback.

Write a couple of posts about your business and the concept. Add a call-to-action at the end and ask readers to share their thoughts, good or bad, in the comments. It’s a great way to get feedback and re-evaluate your business plan if needed.

Blogging makes social media marketing even easier.

Write a blog post and then promote it on social media. Use your blog posts as a stepping stone to engagement and building a community on various social platforms. From there you could always move on to other types of marketing like video or podcasts.

For a startup business with a limited budget, blogging is great place to start marketing. It can be done even before business has been finalized; in fact blogging should be started early! A good blog with helpful content can help attract potential investors and partners, as well as customers.

And the good thing is that blogging is really inexpensive to get started! All you need is a good host and a quality design. If you know your way around a website, you can do everything yourself. If not, contact us at Sunflower Designs and we can help you get started!




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