We’ve said it before.

Your blog titles make a difference. It’s the first thing readers see in their social media feeds, their online readers and their emails. If the title doesn’t immediately grab their attention, chances are your post will get overlooked.

So you can understand how important it is for your blog titles to stand out. So how do you take a blog title from average to amazing? Use these tips.

Have a working title.

Not a topic. But a title. A topic is what you are going to write on and can be general. A working title is a draft of your actual headline.

Spice it up.

Now that you have a draft for your title, you want to make it pop. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use alliteration. Repetitive letters make blog titles fun to read. Use phrases like Foolproof Formula, Start Selling or Beginner Blogger help catch readers’ attention.
  • Use strong words. Certain adjectives have the power to invoke strong emotions within people. Words like hate, brilliant, free, fun, incredible and essential work well. As do rationale-invoking words like reasons, facts, lessons, ways, secrets, tricks or ideas.
  • Offer value. What will your readers get out of your post? Make the value clear to them right away. Choosing words like “free” or “simple ways” tell the reader what they get, and also how easy it is to get it.
  • Use numbers. Numbered lists tend to get a lot of attention. People like their information, and they especially like to know what they’re going to get out of it. If the list is big, telling them how many tips they’re going to get out of reading your post will likely convince them to click it.
  • Use special characters. Characters like single dashes (-), colons (:) and punctuation like question marks (?) and exclamation points (!) put emphasis on your title. On the other hand, some characters should be avoided as they tend to cause errors with your HTML code. Avoid ampersands (&), the “at” symbol (@), the hashtag or pound symbol (#) and the greater than and less than symbols (< and>).

Optimize for SEO.

Or at least try to. Not every title is going to be easy to optimize, and you should be writing for readers, not search engine bots. If it’s possible, add in a target keyword, aiming for the beginning of your title.

Let’s face it. With so much content on the Internet, people don’t want to waste their time reading something they’re not interested in. Take some time to consider what type of headline will not only reflect your content, but will also grab the attention of readers.


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