Creating a Simple Sales Funnel on Your Website

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You’ve probably heard the term “sales funnel” over and over. But what does a digital sales funnel actually look like? We are going to break it down in an “easy to understand” way!

While the process of building a digital sales funnel may seem daunting, it’s really just a few simple steps that are paired together to create a funnel that brings in leads, potential customers, and raving fans!

website investment importance
website investment importance

1. Blogging

Blogging has consistently been the #1 way to drive traffic to your website. Create amazing content that answers the questions your target market has, and in doing so, they will find what your website has to offer.

You can share your blogs on all different social media platforms as a way to increase their reach.

2. Lead magnet/freebie

This is where the digital sales funnel gets really good. You will want to create some type of free offer that your website visitors cannot resist!

The lead magnet can be offered in a opt-in pop up box. There are free options for this, such as SumoMe. You also can have an attractive, custom pop-up box designed as well.

By collecting email addresses with a lead magnet, you then open the door to email marketing, newsletters, and sales opportunities.

3. Small offer

Most people won’t pay for high end services until they have the opportunity to sample your services. This can be done by having a trial offer, or a smaller, value-packed version of your services/products.

This is your opportunity to get them hooked.

4. Main offer

The big sha-bang. Offering your main services to website visitors can be done in an email newsletter – by using the emails you’ve collected with your freebie/opt-in. See how that works?!

And you’ve got a complete digital sales funnel!

We cannot wait to see how your digital implementation goes!


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