Integrating Social Media and Email Newsletters

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Each marketing method works well on their own, but what if you combine the two?

Integrating social media and email marketing can help your emails reach even more people, bringing you more subscribers and more traffic. Here are 7 ideas to try:

#1 Add sharing buttons to your emails

If you are not currently doing this, you should start ASAP. By simply adding sharing icons to your newsletter emails, you are inadvertently telling your subscribers that you’d love to have these emails shared.

#2 Ask them to share and follow

Sometimes a subtle hint just isn’t enough. Adding a call to action can increase your social shares. Don’t be afraid to ask your subscribers to share your emails or follow you on social media.

#3 Use “click to tweet” links

Make it super easy for readers to share your content on Twitter with a tweetable quote. Using a tool like Click toTweet, add a few quotes in your message that readers can easily click to share on Twitter.

website investment importance
website investment importance

#4 Cross promote

Encourage your social followers to sign up for your newsletters. Share a link to your newsletter landing page on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, encouraging people to join. Make it worth their while by offering some sort of incentive; a free report, free checklists or even a coupon code works well.

#5 Add your opt-in form to Facebook

If Facebook is a major source of traffic and engagement for you, don’t miss the opportunity to add a sign up form to your page. Here are instructions if you have MailChimp or AWeber.

#6 Share your pins

If you prefer Pinterest, boost your pins by adding them to your newsletters. Look through your analytics to discover what pins your followers like the most. Embed these pins into your email and announce it with a caption that states “Most shared on Pinterest this week.”

#7 Acknowledge your followers

Your followers love being acknowledged so why not make their day? In your emails, include a small section that acknowledges your top sharers or your top blog commenters. Not only does this make your top engagers feel good, it encourages others to do the same so they will see their own name in print.

You have your social followers, and you have your email subscribers. Why not combine the two to create an even larger marketing reach? Use these 7 ideas to help you seamlessly integrate social media and your email newsletters.



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